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Boat Mold Preventer
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We are looking for the best detailers and marinas to revolutionize boat care with our top-rated mold & mildew prevention products.

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The Cause is Simple... SAVE THE SEATS

If you are serious about providing extraordinary care and service to your clients and want to eliminate damage caused to interiors and seats by mold, mildew and harsh chemicals, we want you on board. Participating in our online certification course, you will learn what causes mold to thrive on boats and steps to creating an environment where mold has a difficult time surviving on a boat under your care.

Our Certified Detailers go above and beyond for their clients and they take preventing mold and mildew seriously. Does this sounds like you?

What Our Customers Say!

"I've Tried Everything...I Have My Doubts."

We hear this more than anything. We get it. There are many products out there that just don't cut it. That is not the case with Xanigo Marine. Are there situations when mold has been set-in for so long, the stains are challenging if not impossible to remove?

Yes...of course that is the case sometimes. But far more often than not, we will get it clean and 100% of the time we will prevent it from coming back for up to 90 days.

Don't Listen to Us…Listen to Our Customers

Click on the video link and listen to our customers share their excitement when Xanigo Marine does it's job. Whether the remover to the preventer, we take pride in the efficacy of our products and honestly, they speak for themselves.

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